Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas News Letter

Dear Family and Friends,
We have had a wonderful year this year! It has been filled with many blessings, adventures, fun, and trials to be overcome. You can read more about that on this blog. But some highlights of our year were our fun stay-cation in July, geo-caching, and our road trip in August! Here is an update on each of us....


Jory (21 months old):
Jory has learned to walk, run, climb, fall with style, talk, and occasionally use the potty this year! That is a lot for one year. He loves puppies, as we found out when visiting Grandmama Sunny and Grandpa Greg. He even calls the Christmas tree a Puppy Tree (presumable because puppies are so cool, as are Christmas trees) and all the sheep in our several nativity scenes are puppies as well. He is great at dribbling a soccer ball, and climbing up and going down the slide by himself. He loves to be outside, whatever the weather, and climb and jump and run. In fact, I'm pretty sure he thinks he is the same age as his older brothers! He is very happy and loves his family very much.


Eli (5 years old):
Eli graduated from preschool and started Kindergarten this year. He is now learning how to read. He loves soccer, swimming, racing, being in charge, and art. According to him, he is our medium-ist child. He loves to get his hands into paint, play-do, chalk, markers or crayons and create, and he's very good at this too! His favorite color is aqua (didn't know 5 year olds new that was a color!) and prefers to do his homework in that color. He is also our most outgoing child, and has several girlfriends! Eli is very sweet and thoughtful.


Renton (7 years old):
Renton started 2nd grade this year. He loves reading, soccer, swimming, watching basketball games with Dad, learning the piano, and playing with friends. He made a goal to write two stories every week in order to improve his handwriting, and he is turning out to be quite the author! But, don't tell him that, because he is going to be a scientist and inventor when he grows up. So, he has one composition notebook full of stories, and another full of invention ideas. Thats my Renton! Over the summer we met someone who works for the City of Renton and he sent out some great City of Renton treasures for Renton. That was a real treat for Renton. This month he got to see the Nutcracker ballet with his class at school, he loved it!

Ryan: Before

Ryan: After

Ryan is kept busy with work and church. When he has free time he likes to spend it with the family. He has been the leader in our family's new found love of geo-caching. He also enjoys online gaming and reading with Merry. He doesn't get out fishing as much as he used to, but there is a hope that as the boys get older that will happen more often! His biggest change this year is the lose of his locks (sigh), totally new image, but same great Ryan.


I keep very busy with being a mom. That is what I love, though! I also somehow squeeze in time for being the Young Women's secretary, PTA, coaching soccer (only the little ones, mind you all who know I've never played a game of soccer in my life!), and my card club. After all that I usually end up falling asleep while reading out loud to Ryan (interesting ability, I know, but I have accomplished it many times).

We love each of you and are blessed to have you in our lives. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and joyful New Year!
The Christensens,
Merry, Ryan, Renton, Eli, and Jory

Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We celebrate just about every year with Ryan's sister Rose (every year except the ones where one of us is out of town). This year Rose's husband's family were getting together at a cabin and we were invited to join the festivities. So, we packed up our pickle and olive tray and sweet potatoes and headed to Sundance to spend the day with some wonderful family. The cabin was gorgeous, 3 levels, and nestled in the woods that were heavily snowed over. We have gotten to know most of the family who were there through Rose's family, and it was great getting to see them again! The kids played together, we had a huge feast, we had a large Family Home Evening together that night, and I even got to entertain this southern family with my family's tradition of The Cajun Night Before Christmas! It was a great Thanksgiving, thank you for inviting us!

Rose at the fireplace

Eli with cousins

Ryan, Rose, and Jory

Hungry eyes ready to feast

Jory's little friend

A bit of perspective


Beautiful Autumn days, freaky snowstorms, friends and family. What a fun month! Ryan and I celebrated 12 years of marriage on the 27th. We kept the celebrations simple, but we were grateful to have weathered as much as we have and still have each other and such joyful memories. It helps that our anniversary is just after Thanksgiving, which we spent with some wonderful family!

off to the zoo with Daddy

Train ride at the zoo.

Jumping in the leaves from the slide.

Can you believe the snow?

Little Ninja Turtle

Playing dress up with friends
(l-r: AJ-Peter Pan, Eli-Link, Aubrey-Princess, Jory-Robin Hood)