Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eli is on a role

This Morning
Eli: So, what can I do?
Me: What do you want to do?
Eli: Well, there's only one thing that my want to do, but my know my shouldn't.
Me: Oh really? What is that?
Eli: My want to crawl around on the ceiling, but my can't 'cause my don't have sticky shoes. But my really want sticky shoes 'cause that's all my want to do!

Later This Morning
( we had just finished up with the doctor for Eli's 4 yr well child check, and as the doctor left the room Eli started crying)
Me: Eli whats the matter?
Eli: My thought my was getting some shots today!
Me: Don't cry, the nurse will be in in a moment to give you the shots.
Eli: OK! My love getting shots! And my love getting cool band aids and my love getting succors too!
So Eli willingly laid on the table and held so still for his shots. Of course he screamed bloody murder during them, but as soon as he was done he stopped crying and made off with his plunder. I guess we don't have enough succors for treats at our house!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One Clever Day

Eli: (when asked what he wanted for breakfast) I want snakkle crack pot (snap, crackle, pop)

Renton: (while kicking around a soccer ball with me) Ya, I'm pretty much a professional.

Eli: (after battling with him over finishing dinner, and he was about 3/4 of the way through) Oh ya, my forgotted that my liked this! (and then finished dinner without a fuss!)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jory Update

Helping himself to some oatmeal

Jory is 5 months old, 27 inches long and nearly 17 pounds. He uses rolling as his main means of self transport, but he is beginning to push himself up in a crawl position and rock back and forth. He has been working on his teeth since 3 months old, and we suspect that one is on its way soon. He is positively the happiest baby ever! He has been very interested in eating, so to celebrate 5 months we broke out the baby oatmeal and he loved it!


We had a great time catching up with some dear friends we haven't seen in a long time. We were neighbors at Stadium Gardens Apartments and did everything together. Its been a little while since then, but it was great to get together again and have it be like no time ever passed. Our kids got along famously. We had a blast, and I hope it doesn't go that long again without seeing them again!

Ryan, Merry, Staci, Tom

Ryan, Merry, Staci, Tom (2002)

Ryan, Merry, Staci, Tom (a really long time ago)

All the kids (minus Jory)

Happy Birthday Eli!

Eli is now 4 years old! He had a very fun birthday. We celebrated a triple birthday with family the Friday before his birthday, sharing it with Grandma Ali and Uncle Chance. It was nice to visit while Ryan's parents were in town, Jake was back from Africa, and just before Rose took off on her road trip. Rose asked me to bring a cake to the party for Eli... so I asked him what he wanted. For months he has been telling me he wants a Tweety Bird cake, so I was surprised when he asked me for a Superman cake, just like Renton had had a few years ago. So I made another Superman cake for that night.
I decided that when we celebrated his actual birthday I would do an ice cream cake (he was very excited about that) and now he decided that he wanted the Tweety Bird cake. So, when after opening presents and blowing out candles he declared that he didn't want any cake, he just wanted to play with toys, I was shocked! Didn't he just spend the last several months telling me what he wanted? And all day so excited as he saw me working on it? I guess if the real thing at this age is having something exciting to put the candles in is all that's really important, then mission accomplished. And maybe next year I'll just get a Styrofoam cake to decorate and cut out half the work! And to all of you who he told that he didn't get a cake at his birthday, I'm just correcting what he said to he didn't eat any cake on his birthday! He was very excited about his presents and felt very birthdayed.

More than meets the eye

Renton with all of his transformer stuff. He thanks everyone who has helped him collect it all!

Trek to Temp Caves

We just woke up and decided to go on a hike that day.