Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eli is on a role

This Morning
Eli: So, what can I do?
Me: What do you want to do?
Eli: Well, there's only one thing that my want to do, but my know my shouldn't.
Me: Oh really? What is that?
Eli: My want to crawl around on the ceiling, but my can't 'cause my don't have sticky shoes. But my really want sticky shoes 'cause that's all my want to do!

Later This Morning
( we had just finished up with the doctor for Eli's 4 yr well child check, and as the doctor left the room Eli started crying)
Me: Eli whats the matter?
Eli: My thought my was getting some shots today!
Me: Don't cry, the nurse will be in in a moment to give you the shots.
Eli: OK! My love getting shots! And my love getting cool band aids and my love getting succors too!
So Eli willingly laid on the table and held so still for his shots. Of course he screamed bloody murder during them, but as soon as he was done he stopped crying and made off with his plunder. I guess we don't have enough succors for treats at our house!


  1. wow your house must be like torture if he LIKES braving shots just to get succors and band aids!!!
    we actually had a nurse once deny Elliott succors, picture band aids, and stickers!!! Shocking that was the only time we ever saw her in the Dr. office;)

  2. "My Eli" is just so stinkin' cute. It makes me want to buy him a pair of sticky shoes.

  3. i too would like some sticky shoes

  4. I LOVE it!! Children say the funniest things!!