Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So, I'm attempting to catch up on the busy months of my life! I started on September with Soccer and School pictures, but I thought I'd add more. Renton started 1st grade and is loving it. His scores in Math and Reading are consistently very high. His favorite part of the day is recess (good for him!) And we gave him the option to buy a hot lunch at school if he wanted to when school started, which he sprang on. After 2 weeks of school lunch he started begging me to make him a lunch to take! Just recently he told me that the other kids wish that they had lunch from home too! Ryan and I just have to chuckle about that. Eli started Preschool and loves it! We are doing a neighborhood preschool again with 5 kids and 5 moms, each mom taking turns to teach. One mom is very into science experiments (Eli calls them experience, love it!) and I think that is his favorite. He and I have been working on reading too, just the fundamentals, but he is excited to learn to read like Renton. Jory learned how to sit himself up. He also discovered the joys of the baby bouncer, his new favorite toy!The boys at the end of the maze.

Mama with the boys.

Daddy with the boys.
Our big family outing for the month was going to the corn maze. Jory was pretty good through it, and the boys had a blast! We let them take turns as to who got to choose which fork in the road. It was a very fun day!

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  1. The corn maze looks so fun! I had to laugh about your story about Renton and school lunch! Anyone in their right mind would of course want a lunch from home if YOU were the one making it!!