Monday, June 8, 2009

math in the morning

I love how my kids' minds work! I mentioned to my boys that Jory is now 3 months old. Eli was excited because he is 3 years old, so of course that makes them the same age. Then we discovered that if you put those two 3s next to each other then you have my age, 33. Then if you add the 3s (3+3) you get Renton's age, 6. How's that for pre-K -Kindergarten mathmatics, Windy?


  1. I *love* it! Looks like you've got some little mathematicians on your hands. :)

  2. Don't you just LOVE the incredible minds of children??!! Love the mathematics logic!! We are finally healthy so let's schedule a playdate!! (Hopefully warm weather soon and we can swim?)

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