Tuesday, September 8, 2009

odds and ends

So, Eli was bored and asked what he could do (for like the millionth time) and I told him he could stand on his head. And he did!

Ignore the diaper box in the background they are playing with, its the faces that are so exciting!

Eli and Jory playing

Renton's first day of 1st grade!

Eli's first day of soccer. At his first game he scored a goal!


  1. Wait... when did Renton lose a tooth??

  2. He's been missing teeth for a long time! When he was 4 he had to get one pulled, and that one wont grow in until the one next to it does. Since then he has lost 3 or 4 teeth. I love his pirate grin!

  3. I guess I didn't share the story where he noticed his tooth was loose and then yanked it out within the space of 1/2 an hour. He smiled really big for me and his mouth was all full of blood. I almost fainted!

  4. Maybe you did tell me and I just forgot :|

  5. So When are you going to post some goodies again? You are quickly approaching the 2 month mark! We need our Christensen family FIX!

  6. Love the pic of Eli standing on his head!! I am glad you could think of something for him to do!! I will have to use that one!!