Friday, March 12, 2010


Me: Renton, how do you want me to cook your eggs?
Renton: The opposite of Eli.
Me: OK, Eli, how do you want your eggs?
Eli: The same as Renton!


  1. hahaha I love it!! Personally, I'm working on getting Elliott to make his own eggs :D

  2. when you figure that one out, let me know! I can't get Renton to crack an egg without shell and all going everywhere!

  3. Actually Elliott is quite good at that part!! I told him it's more about pulling it into 2 pieces than "cracking" it. Elliott's problem is forgetting that not just his fingers can get burned by the pan. He likes to try and reach over the pan and nearly burned his forearm the last time. If it weren't for that he could probably do it unsupervised!

    It actually stemmed from when were were setting up emergency kits, and it occurred to us that we could only pack him food that was ready to i decided that it was time for him to start learning the fundamentals of cooking....the kid can't live off of MREs and trail mix if it came down to it;)

  4. That's brilliant! I'm going to call you and get tips for how to explain things to kids to get them cooking right before I try to teach mine!

  5. haha Sure:) Not sure that I've always got the answer, but having worked with kids so long before Elliott helped a lot!