Friday, March 12, 2010

Talk like Gilbert and Sullivan Day

To acknowledge my dear sister's club of new and increasing stature, I honor you, "of'en" (frequently) this day in song and glory. With cat like tread, my hearts on fire with undaunted men in blue and men who plow the sea searching for a bevy of beautiful maidens. Perhaps we should celebrate this day on leap year, but I am a slave of duty, and will continue with pre-laid plans; Tarantara!
Yet the breeze is but a rover, when he wings away,
brook and poplar mourn a lover, sighing "Well-a-day"

what a fickle breeze

posted by the original pirate king


  1. That's the same as the Pirate King tune!

    Oh joy! Oh rapture!

    Merry, you in the calm excellence of your wisdom reconciled it with your conscience to say something that has eased my sorrow!

    Still, perhaps it would be wise not to carp or criticize. For it's very evident these attentions are well meant!

    This particularly rapid unintelligible patter has made my day!

  2. i saw this performed live once... wish i could see it again! even aaron enjoyed it. merry wish you were here and we could all watch it!