Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fun in June

Eli, Jory, and Renton

"Father and Sons" comp out in our library

Oquirre Mountain Temple

Eli in the downpour

Renton playing transformers

June was a beautiful month. We had so much rain that I was joking that we had gone on vacation to Seattle and hadn't realized it. It did wonders for my garden. The boys loved playing in the rain and we would watch the lightning from our front porch. It was very fun. Likewise, we had a lot of inside time and the boys played transformers together while made Jory's blessing outfit. The father and son camp out was a little too wet and lightningy for the boys, so they came home and camped in our library. They stayed up late and still had lots of fun. We also went to the Oquirre Mountain Temple open house with the boys. It will be our temple once it is dedicated.

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