Saturday, February 20, 2010

December in Arizona

Eli Swimming in Sedona

Jory and Daddy testing the water.

Kids playing in the pool.

Eli and Allysa riding trikes around Grandma's house.

Playing Chase

Samantha helping Jory ride the trike.

We made our way back to Arizona for another week of fun. We stayed at Ryan's parents' house in Paradise Valley. Ryan's dad is a bishop in Sedona, however, so we all got ready early to go to church up there on Sunday. It was amazing, there was ICE on our car in Paradise Valley, and then as we headed 2 hours north, we only saw more of it! There were several frozen over fountains in Sedona that were gorgeous. After church we all headed to Ryan's parent's place in Sedona to celebrate my niece's 8th birthday. As you probably know, when my nieces turn 8 I make them a pretty dress. It gives me the chance to sew for a girl, and as I have none, the chance is playtime for me! When my nephews turn 8 we usually get them a game or a book... if I could think of something that I could make that they would want I would do that, but I haven't so I don't. Anyway, my latest creation was very fun to make! Happy Birthday Courtney!

Jory singing Happy Birthday

My latest creation.

We spent most of the rest of the week visiting with family, swimming, playing wii, watching football, and working on puzzles. One day Uncles Jeff and Jake along with Sammy and others launched off a few rockets in the vacant lot next to the house. Renton was rivoted to the scene. When they asked him to help launch the last rocket he nearly flew over the fence to get there! It was definitely the highlight of the week for him!Renton getting ready to launch the rocket.
(Check out his Han Solo/ Indiana Jones smile he has been working on!)

The rocket Renton launched, with Uncles Jake and Jeff.

One night we ventured to the Mesa Temple to check out the lights. I tried to get pictures, but most of them didn't turn out. It was a gorgeous sight to behold!Our family at the Mesa Temple

Grandma and Grandpa with the kids.
L-R: Courtney, Sammy, Allysa, Jocelyn, Abby, Katie, Grandpa Sam, Grandma Ali, Jory, Mikey, Samantha, Renton, Eli

On New years Eve Jake put together a family Olympics that was very fun. Later that night we stayed up playing games until the big countdown to a new year's kiss. We flew home on the 2nd, one of the busiest flying days of the year, I guess. We missed our flight due to the sheer volume of people flying that day! But we caught another (along with most people, apparently) and got home fine, if not exhausted. It was a great trip! Renton built his own lightsabor at Disneyland, just like a real Jedi.


  1. Oh Merry!! That dress is absolutely gorgeous!! I think I am going to have to hire you to make Isabella a dress like that when she turns 8!! :) Did you design it all yourself? SO BEAUTIFUL!! ....Looks like you had so much fun in Arizona!! FUN!!

  2. Thanks! I didn't do too much designing by myself, I find its easier to get a correct fit if I rely on a pattern when I'm sewing for someone long distance. But I did have fun with choosing the fabrics. It was a Hannah Montana pattern, easy to sew and therefor I needed to redesign some of the pattern to work with the fabrics: brocade and suede cloth. My next niece to turn 8 is in October, I can't wait!

  3. not completely related but a friend was over yesterday and we got talking about our wedding dresses, so i pulled mine out and showed it to her - she couldn't believe it was homemade! she was completely impressed. just thought i'd share!