Saturday, February 20, 2010

February So Far

Link in front of Hyrule Castle.

Eli likes to build these barricades out of toys to keep Jory away from whatever he is doing. But it usually ends in a lot playing together, so I'm good with it!

February has been an exciting month so far! Eli is all signed up for Kindergarten in the fall, and now that he is past the apprehension he is very excited for it. Jory has picked up more words: it, and something that sounds like "light" and also "book", and yes. Jory also took his very first steps today! But he doesn't have the courage to do more than that. Renton has been learning about George Washington and Valentines day and made several wonderful valentines for the family that he was very proud of. Also, I have rededicated myself to teaching him piano and he is currently learning to read the music to Mary had a Little Lamb.
Valentine's Day is an anniversary for Ryan and I. Its the anniversary of our official first date. On that day, 15 years ago, Ryan and I picked up some subway sandwiches and hiked up to Sacred Falls on Oahu, Hawaii. We picnicked and he did a bit of showing off for me by cliff diving! Then as we hiked back it got dark and we scared the bejezes out of each other as we listened to the wind in the bamboo and couldn't see anything because we didn't have a flashlight with us. The rest is history. So, this year Ryan gave me the best surprise ever! He came home with flowers and then sent me to get a surprise massage, it was a hot rock therapy or whatever its called, and I totally recommend it! After that he had a wonderful candlelit crab dinner waiting for me. It was amazing! It was my Valentine surprise a week and a half early. On Valentine's Day I made everybody's favorite food: roast, chocolate dipped strawberries, shrimp with cheese and crackers (we tried Yancy's jalapeno and habanero cheese, its amazing!) And I guess there is something about reaching a man's heart through his stomach because they all felt loved and happy!

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  1. How sweet of Ryan!! That massage sounds amazing!! And a candlelit dinner is so romantic!!