Thursday, February 18, 2010

December in Utah

December was very exciting and full, so I'm braking it up into 3 parts! We celebrated my birthday on the 4th. It was nice to be with my family for that. Once again I decided that I wanted a birthday pie, and made it way too late so that it didn't get eaten until the next day. This year I made a delicious recipe I got from my sister in law, Michelle, for Pear Pie. We had it for breakfast the next day, and it was fabulous!
Jory cracks me up! This is his solution
to how to carry things while crawling!

We went to the Annual Gundersen Sing Along, our friends who have this fun tradition of sharing the musical delight of Christmas without freezing yourself to death going from door to door. We had a great time singing and playing. Music is amazing.
Christmas was coming quick for us, as we were leaving town and didn't want to tote all the gifts with us! So, while I was the envy of all my friends in how early I was prepared for Christmas, really I was just barely ready in time. This year, however, I wrapped presents as I bought them so that prying eyes wouldn't find them... and that meant no huge wrapping fest the night before Christmas... and I didn't miss the wrapping fest. We opened presents the Saturday before we left on our trip so that the boys would have time to play with their toys before we left them at home for the holidays. And even though it was early, there was the same excited "can't sleep" and early morning that comes with Christmas. It was great! The boys felt loved, and that is what really counts. Renton and Eli loved it, but Jory had a blast!
Christmas is finally here!

Renton handing out gifts.

Opening presents.

New Sword. Its amazing how quickly we go through those things!

Can't wait to play with it!

The aftermath is fun too.

Later that night we went to see my brother who had decided last minute to come out to Utah to spend Christmas with some friends. I was glad we got to see him and his family before we left! The cousins got along famously, as if there had never been any time between the last time we saw them! I love that.
My kids and David's kids. Jory and Emily, their baby, are only 1 month apart.

But, pretty much as soon as Christmas at our house was done it was packing time... and we were off to catch an early morning flight to AZ.

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