Saturday, February 20, 2010


My Three Sons

January found us home with a gift of frogs from for my boys from my sisters. How they concocted to find a pet I would be OK with, the boys would be wild about, and happiness would prevail, beats me. Huzzah for my sisters! So, yes, Christmas was still happening for us because I had told my family not to worry about our presents until after we got back. Boys and their Frogs: Charlie and Skeleton Frog

We had gotten the boys a Wii for Christmas, and that is what they do in any spare time that mom lets them. Even Jory likes to be included for a little bit. I can see its a guy thing. Even Jory is getting into the Wii

Playing Wii Together

We came home to lots of snow and cold. So, the boys and I did this fun little snow craft, its an ice sun catcher. We had lots of fun putting it together. And while we were putting it together it was winter enough for such a thing. HOWEVER, within 3 days the sun catchers made of ice were no more as it started RAINING in JANUARY(!?!) even at NIGHT!!!! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. And while we have had bursts of cold, we've had a lot of rain considering it is winter time in Utah! So, with all that fun weather (I really do love the rain), we've made our own fun indoors.Renton's Sun Catcher

Jory and Mama's Sun Catcher

Eli's Sun Catcher

Making S'mores
(Why not?)

Playing in boxes in always the thing to do after Christmas!

Ryan grew a goatee after Christmas that I absolutely loved! But he tires of said things quickly and it is no more, now. He can't understand why I love hair on men, I told him its what separates the men from the boys... he doesn't care. Ryan also stopped working late nights like he had been doing, and it is good to have him home!My Handsome Man

Renton has been given lots of aptitude tests at school and he has passed them all with 100%! We have been reading Charlie Bone together and he loves the books. He even named his frog Charlie after Charlie Bone.
Eli is learning his letters and starting to read 3 letter words. He is excited to learn to read. He has been making new friends through preschool and loves to play with them. He enjoys figuring things out for himself.
Jory made a major breakthrough during Christmas. He has been a mama's boy, even rarely going to dad happily. Over Christmas he started going to dad happily most times and even to a few others! He is still cruising around and not walking on his own. But he has picked up a few words! Mamama, Da, and this. He is very fun to play with.Jory Playing with his toys

I don't remember what he ate, but its a fun picture!

Jory's new skill, closing his eyes, and he is so cute when he does it!

I've been busy tending to the executive affairs of house and home, as well as tending to the sick. Someone was ill with a cold from the time we got back until well into February. Yea, fun for me!
The get big so fast!


  1. What a delightful January!! I LOVE LOVE the first and last picture of the boys in their blue and red!! Darling! I am sure Isabella and Carson will be elated to see the new pets!! And I bet Ryan and the boys are truly enjoying the Wii!! I am glad Ryan is not working long crazy hours anymore...

    The sun catchers turned out amazing!! Looks like a fun project, where did you get the idea? I want to make some! Making S'more's from candle light is intriguing, definitely going to have to try that as well!!

  2. I'm so glad you guys liked the frog idea!! Us Aunts try to spoil our nephews;) I'm also excited that you guys got a Wii for Christmas too!! We got one from Jonathon's mom and are crazy about it! We love the sports game, so we picked up the Sports Resort game. If you haven't seen it you're missing out! Melanie and I really like the Wii Fit as well, and I love being able to graph our exercise progress!