Sunday, November 14, 2010

August: Happy Birthday Eli!

Happy 5 years Eli! Eli wanted a Candy Land birthday party. So I copied the pictures off of the game that we have, scrounged around for some ideas and pulled together a very sugary birthday party! The kids needed to follow the colorful pathway into candy cane forest where there was a contest to see who could find the most mints, then on to the jellybean bag toss to get gumdrops from Jolly, chocolate from Gloppy, and giant succors from Lolly. Then further on the path you came to a crayon walk where the gingerbread men would help you get crayons but the evil Lord Licorice would take them away! Once we got past Lord Licorice the path led us to King Candy with a pinata and ice cream cupcakes! Eli had a lot of fun with his friends and loved his presents! Later that night, even though it wasn't his actual birth date, we celebrated his birthday as a family. We were going to be in Washington on his actual birthday!Mr. Mint in Candy Cane Forest

Searching for mints.

Follow the path.




King Candy

Opening presents

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  1. Such a clever Candy Land party!! We had a lot of fun!! You did an incredible job on the pictures!! So fun!!