Monday, November 15, 2010


Geocahing in Rose Canyon

September brought a lot of change. For the first time we have 2 boys in school. They both enjoy it, and that is as it should be. We also, for the first time, had a schedule that was ridiculously busy! (and I know it will only get busier from here on out!) Our weeks were mostly full of school and soccer with me also doing mutual as I'm still the Young Women's Secretary. Jory had reached an age of being more nuisance during the activities that I went to than quiet and cute baby with mom, so he had to of necessity start staying home with Daddy. They may not seem like much, and normally it isn't, but our Jorman has been something else. He would go into panic attacks when not with mom, I am not exaggerating. So, while he has been my constant companion, we have been working on slowly getting him OK with not mom. Its been a long road, but he was finally able to be OK with Daddy after a while. That was an enormous triumph! We also had him go into nursery at church! It wasn't exactly what he wanted, but with the triumph during mutual nights, he started taking to nursery and he does pretty well in there now! So... that led to trying out a babysitter that isn't a family member that he knows very well... and triumph again! Ryan and I are dating again! Jory even slept through the night for a few weeks, too. Huzzah! That last part didn't last, but I'll take what I can get. Ryan's work continues to go well. My brother Tommy got engaged, and we were very excited for him! I also undertook the herculean task of rearranging the upstairs' bedrooms. In July, I forgot to say before, I had painted the boys room. They wanted to all share a room, so right before we left on vacation in August we got a bunk bed for Renton and Eli, and upon return moved Jory's crib into their room. Now I wanted to take over the larger of the other 2 bedrooms as my sewing room and move the guest room into the smaller of the 2 rooms as Jory wasn't going to be in there anymore. Well, there was some touch up painting that needed to be done, and we don't have the exact color paint, so I ended up repainting the upstairs rooms while I was at it. I did most of this during nap time so as not to have distractions, and it took me all month! In between all of these things we tried to go out as a family and enjoy the last of the fine weather we were having. I didn't take many pictures in September, but I do have some of two outings... a geocache trip and at the end of the month we went to a corn maze.

Renton sporting his City of Renton treasures that he got from our acquaintance from the pier.

At the Corn Maze

Made it to the end!

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  1. What a beautiful canyon!! I love the trail with all the trees!! And a very cute Family picture at the corn maze!! Cute glasses!!