Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Fools These Mortals Be!

Shakespeare put it so well in his comedy, A Midsummer Night's Dream. For on midsummer's eve the fair folk come out to play, be they fey or not so. This was my 1st annual Fairy Party, and I had so much fun putting it together! My sister, Windy, came to help pull it off. I had a pre-party wing party where those who wanted to make wings came and we reshaped hangers, covered them with stockings, and painted them up. At the fairy party we made wands, searched for fairies in the garden, tested our fairy trivia, and had a costume contest. Then we shared dinner and ended the evening with a fairy tale. I enjoyed seeing the costumes and visiting with my dear friends. I look forward to more fairy frolicking next year!

Setting up the garden party. I couldn't have done this without my friend, Terisa's help, she lent me half the stuff we used at the party! She throws fabulous tea parties and was wonderful to let me borrow her beautiful things, thank you!
Making fairy wands.

Fairies in the garden.
Dinner in the garden.

My camera battery actually died on my at the party, so I only got pictures of some people, but here is what I got, some fabulous fairies!
Winner of the costume contest!

Thank you everyone for coming!


  1. {sigh} what fun that night was. Did I tell you I used my costume again this year for Halloween? I figured no one here knew about it since I played the role of a fairy in another state. I put on twice as much glitter.....if you can imagine such a thing ;)

  2. Oh what a fabulous fairy party that was!! I am going to have to start thinking about my next costume!! All the food was so delightful and I had so much fun making the fairy wand!! Can't wait for the next Midsummer's night!!