Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beautiful May

May was a very full and fun month! We started it with a proper Cinco de Mayo celebration, planted an apple tree for Mother's Day, had my parents visit, finished up the soccer season, nearly finished school, built a raised garden, and ended with Renton's birthday party.

The Pinata at the Cinco de Mayo Party

Playing Hungry Hippos together

Making a man out of toys.

Playing in the tent.

Working on the Garden

Jory wanting to help on the garden, too.
And he got his chance.

Daddy and Uncle Jake going to the Lakers' game in SLC (if you asked anyone out here they would say it was a Jazz game)

Warming up.

Renton's Soccer Game

Go Yellow Hornets!

This next bunch of pictures were taken while my parents were here, many of the pictures were taken by them. We went to Hollywood Connections, played with bubble guns (a gift for the boys from my parents), and we showed them geocaching. We had a lot of fun with them! I especially appreciate my parents' pictures that catch life as it really is!

Playing at Hollywood Connection

Bumper Cars, me and Eli

Bumper cars, Ryan

Bumper cars, Renton

Renton and Mama on the twirl around and make you sick ride

Tuckered out (why are the kids still going?)

Bubble guns!

Who knew you could do that?

What happens if I sit in it?

Geocaching at the park

It really was a coincidence that we were all wearing blue, looks like we planned it!

Testing out how well the new Darth Vader socks from Grandmama slide down the hall!

Renton had a great birthday. He had a few friends over for a party in the backyard. It was crazy wind that day, we had to keep putting the birthday table back together, but at least it calmed down enough for a photo! He wanted a Transformer party, so we played pin the wheels on Optimus Prime, shoot Megatron (target game), who could find the most transformer shields, had an Optimus Prime pinata, and had a few races. Then the boys decorated their own cupcakes. Later we had a family party where I made him a Transformer cake. He had a great time, Happy 7 years!


  1. Merry you look absolutely GORGEOUS at the park!! And I LOVE the picture of you and all your family on the slide!! It turned out awesome!! What a fun MAY!!

  2. I can't forget the STICK fighting!! No trip to the park is complete (at least if you have BOYS) without at least one stick adventure!