Monday, November 15, 2010


August was one of the busiest months we have ever had! Right at the end of July we were declared healthy enough for the public, and that left me one week before we left for our trip to Washington! Plus we were going to be gone during Eli's birthday, and after nixing all birthday parties last year because I had just had a baby, I had promised the boys that this year they could both have a friend birthday party! So, as soon as we were declared well I quickly pulled together Eli's birthday party, and held it a few days before we left for Washington. Our trip to Washington was full, fun, and exciting! It was literally the only time we could go out and see Tommy, while everyone else was out there too! We got back with one week exactly before school started. One week to do any shopping and preparation, and to say goodbye to summer. Plus, soccer had started and the first game was on that Saturday! Also, I had agreed to coach Eli's soccer team as no one else was willing to do it (the coaches are picked from the parents on the team. They were so glad that I finally said yes that it didn't matter to them that I have never actually played a game of soccer in my life!) Renton and Eli both played well for their first game, and were excited to start up soccer. Then Renton had his first week of school. He really likes his teacher and his class. At our elementary school the Kindergarten starts one week after the other grades do. So, Eli had his first week of school after Renton had his. Eli is going to afternoon kindergarten, so we drop Eli off and then I go home and put Jory down for a nap, and then I have some time to get things done, or hopefully, relax. Eli loves his teacher and his class! This year I'm serving on the PTA as the birthday specialist or some title like that. It isn't a very big title, but its fun! I decorate a birthday bulletin board for the kids where each month the kids birthdays are listed, and then I put together a little happy birthday package for the faculty and deliver it on their birthdays. Its fun to be the bearer of gifts! The bulletin board that I did for August and September combined was of a giant birthday cake with all the kid's names on the candles. Jory is becoming more able and therefor follows his brothers around a lot more. I think its good that he is asleep while Eli is at school, because otherwise he would miss him a lot.
Did I do that?

Summer Rains

Praying Mantis

Renton's 1st day of School

Seeing Renton off

Eli's first day of school, he is doing his Superman pose.

Waiting in line for his teacher.

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  1. Oh the excitement of starting SCHOOL!! ...Love the BOYS pic!!