Friday, November 12, 2010


We started July with an exciting stay-cation. We went to the pool, went geocaching in the mountains behind Bountiful, and checked out the aviary. We also celebrated the 4th of July with Aunt Rose and her family. We had a great extended weekend! Then about a week later Jorman got REALLY sick, it turned out to be something called shigella which is very serious in babies. The doctors were in close contact with us for a couple of weeks, and we were lucky that he didn't need to be hospitalized. It is also very contagious, so I spent all that time not only caring for Jory, but sanitizing everything so that the other boys didn't catch it. After a couple weeks of this, I was exhausted! But Jory got well, nobody else caught it, we eventually were able to head back out into public without fear of contaminating anyone, and life got better. During that time we played a lot of games together because we needed to stay away from people. We had fun together, even if it wasn't the normal summer fun. Anyway, we were declared well and not contagious anymore by the very end of July. We did venture out to play with friends at their pool once, near the end, but Jory couldn't get in their pool. We also went down to Provo for Pioneer Day and celebrated with Ryan's brother Jake, his friends, and Rose's family. It was a spectacular night with great BBQ, fun games, and fantastic fireworks! We all had a lot of fun, and Eli came home with about a dozen girlfriends, all college co-eds. So... Eli has a lot of girl friends. There are several little girls that like him, one in particular that wants to marry him. It was just funny to see the same thing happen among the older set too! He is clueless, of course.
Bountiful Temple
lunch in the mountains


Jory was in his element climbing on the rocks!

found a glacier!

At the top of the peak
When we left on this trip Renton was very concerned that we would run into rattlesnakes. And we did find one, it was a toy one inside the geocache at the peak! So we obviously traded for that particular prize.

At the end of our drive we were actually in Farmington, and we did some geocaching there too. While there, we ran into this wonderful couple who were out hunting for salamanders and let the boys check them out too. We had a wonderful time with them!
It took a lot of courage for this picture to happen!

4th of July at Rose's house. Jake came with a full arsenal.
Jake teaching his cunning ways to his nephews.

We also celebrated Gabe's birthday that day. I drew the dragon on the cake!

Jory loved the birds at the aviary, he would get so excited when he found one!
Fun at the pool with friends
Cowboy Renton

Cowboy Eli
Someone wasn't too happy with Mom playing with his hair.
First hair cut.

What they love best, playing on the Wii!

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  1. I LOVE hunting for salamanders!! What a fun time!! Cute little Jori with his crazy hair!!