Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Storm!

We just weathered a wonderful snow storm! And I hear that is not the last one we will have this week...

This is when the snow started falling Saturday night.

This is what we woke up to on Sunday morning!

1 + feet of snow

The boys had a blast!

They thought it was Christmas!

While mom and dad cut the the fallen branches and hauled them off to the side.

Check out our pile of branches!

We cleared enough snow out of the drive to try and back out around the fallen branches to get to church. We came home after sacrament meeting, however, and got to work on the trees. I cleared snow away so we could have a place to pile the branches while Ryan tried unsuccessfully to buy a chain saw (3 tries and none of them would start!) He came home with a hand saw made especially for branches, and the two of us (we had another hand saw already) cut and hauled all afternoon until the road, driveway, and sidewalks were usable again! I'm a little sore today. But we are grateful that it was only trees, and that nothing happened to the house, fences, or cars!


  1. A most impressive handful of posts...good catch up! I will copy some bits and snail mail it to your Grandmama. She will love it.

    How very lucky that you have a before and after, less than 24 hours apart, picture of your poor tree. At least it's recorded for posterity. Like my wedding pictures...we will never look that way again, but I have proof that we once did!

  2. Holy Guacamole Batman, that's some snow!!

  3. haha, deja vu of the New Hampshire days!

  4. What a beautiful snowstorm!! Hot cocoa by the fireplace seems like a perfect solution to me!!