Wednesday, November 10, 2010


June started with my oldest niece graduating from high school. She is a beautiful and talented young woman who is now off to BYU. Ryan's parents had a quick visit out here for the occasion and we enjoyed seeing them too. The weather warmed up for us and the kids finished school. Renton is officially a 2nd grader and Eli a kindergartner. Then they immediate jumped into swim lessons. I celebrated mid summer with a fairy party that the boys decidedly took no part in, so they took off with dad for a camping trip. Jory stayed with me and had to put up with the fairy dust! My sister Windy came out to visit us and help with/attend my party. We had a great time with her! The biggest news of June, however, is the new hairdo that Ryan is sporting. Nobody at church recognized him, the young men can't call him Moses anymore, and the best part was the bishopric teasing me about having met my new boyfriend! It caused quite a stir in our community, but the important thing is that Ryan likes it (and I didn't cry this time).
Congrats Brit!

Jory's new favorite thing to do, cover himself in stickers!

Playing around

Warm weather!

They love to play in the water!

At the zoo with Aunt Windy

We love you Aunt Windy!

A must see every time we go to the zoo, Eli the orangutan.

My new boyfriend


  1. Awe.... I love coming to visit you guys. :)
    Miss you.

  2. Oh how I LOVE the zoo!! And I still cannot believe Ryan cut his hair!! WOW!!